PELLIZA- The last day!

August 16th will mark the last performance as part of the Boogie on the Boulevard. If you haven't had the chance, this is it!
(Even though later down the road there will be other Pelliza Performances and this one will be traveling around..But I'll tell later... Just come to this one, ok?)

-Day two of the Pelliza performance was amazing. Fresh faces and a couple of familiar ones dropped by and collaborated with new bows and narratives. Again I was surprised by the amount of children who just wanted to sit down and help. The performance which was at the beginning designed as a Latina project, has evolved into a multicultural, gender neutral weaving of stories, languages and experiences. Can't wait to finally sit down and look over all the audio and video we have collected.

I have to, again, thank two people who have been in both occasions the eyes and mind while the performance is going on. Jonnathan Sánchez, fellow artist, and Miguel Arce, forever partner in crime.  Thanks to them I've been able to run this smoothly. Los amo!

And to BxArts Factory: thank you for believing in the project and providing me with the space and resources. This was the ideal space to start this first performance. You guys are the best!

Before sharing some images I also have a special thank you :
Raúl Miyar (responsible of forming generations of contemporary artists in Dominican Republic and curating at Casa Quién in Santo Domingo) captured as well the 2nd day of the Pelliza performance with his camera. I am grateful that such a big influence in my artist career came by. These are his images: