Rant on Art/Politics

Young artists that get annoyed by those who dare to produce things/art that has already been done. Artists that try to innovate, to create beyond what has been the norm within the history of art, that don't know boundaries, that question the necessity of creating a physical object.


When it comes to the social economical reality, to what is the status quo.

They're so obtuse.
So unimaginative.

They just want a piece of cake, play the big league game.
(Big bucks, big bucks.)

No. No one wants to be poor.

 Don't get me wrong; I'm not talking about your oh-so-awful communism.

I don't want to be poor. But I don't want anyone to be either.

But if there's no capitalism, there is "communism", because there's only high contrast in their life. (Apparently being privileged gives you some kind freaking disease where shit becomes black and white; no shades whatsoever.)

High rollers life. Producing commodities, becoming a brand and a big seller.


Creating ideas, f*ck fabrication; I got assistants for that sh*t. I reproduce capitalist command system in my studio. Hopefully it will be in Brooklyn, I want to gentrify sh*t and blame others for it, because artists and art are in/is a vacuum.

Self involved ethereally

Blur that thing there, it looks human.

Figuration is so passé.


"And all artists that felt this was true, started to create data for the cloud. In all this, their own consciousness got uploaded. Thankfully, three days later, the cloud system collapsed."